About Us

Bullockhead Creek BBQ Smokers and Grills.

Founder and Owner Craig Wegert.

Big Craig as he is known in the weightlifting arena (Former Australian Rep Super Heavyweight Weightlifter).. Big Craig love BBQ and everything about it...

Coming from a Trade and Engineer Background Craig runs a successful fabrication workshop in western Brisbane, Queensland.

Craig originally comes from Marybough Qld, he made his first BBQ out of a wheel hub, axle and old plough disc and steel grating when he was 12 years..


"BBQing has been part of my life since early days of growing up in the country... I have recently discovered LOW and SLOW Smoker Style of BBQ and have fallen in love with it.

Looking around to buy a Offset Smoker, I was amazed at the price people wanted and also the frail quality of the flimsy imports..

I set about construction of my own prototype.. I did a lot of research, calculations and trial and error until I came across a design that is not only rock solid and functional but quality built to a realistic price.

Bullockhead Creek is about quality, a product that will last a lifetime... I just a welder, building quality BBQ Cooking Equipment.."

Now it's time for Beer's and BBQ...